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Jo Guest is a British model of the type known as the "glamour girl", a group generally best known for their topless work in Britain's tabloid newspapers, appearances at various events, singing aspirations, and being caught out on the town canoodling with married footballers, politicians, foreign ambassadors, and each other.

Jo herself however had a more universal appeal, and a more professional approach. Her agent (Samantha Bond - an ex-glamour girl herself) once stated in a Loaded interview, "she's the one girl that's changed the rules slightly. Everyone wants her."

She became famous [1] initially for her regular Mens World (UK) and Picture (Australia) appearances which started in 1993 (and, it must be said, more than a few appearances on Page 3 of The Sun between 1993 and 1998). However her popularity showed a significant rise when she started appearing in Loaded magazine in 1995 - Jo herself acknowledged that Loaded were partly responsible for her fame amongst the "new lads" movement in the UK.

From 1996, Jo made a number of appearances on UK TV in a variety of programmes and interviews (her TV skills included being able to remove her bra with one hand only whilst keeping the microphone steady in the other...) and even tried her hand at radio.

Despite announcing her retirement from modelling in October 2001, she still makes the occasional TV and magazine appearance, and has expressed rallying aspirations.

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